Book Review – When the Grits Hit the Fan (A Country Store Mystery Book 3) by Maddie Day.

3 out of 5 stars

This is another book I have to thank myself for, I mean, who knows my book choices more? 😉 I bought this book from Amazon Australia as I’m a fan of the author (under her many names), and have enjoyed this series so far. So, this is obviously an open and honest review, as the only one who paid me to do it was… ME! Thank you me, I adore your GREAT taste in books. 😉

Though, I will also give a shout out to the publisher Kensington Books. They are probably my favourite publisher of cosy crime/ mysteries at the moment. If it’s a cosy crime published by Kensington Books, I’m pretty much expecting an enjoyable read. So, thanks guys. I love your work. ❤

And, yes, this is yet another book I read last year but am only just now getting around to reviewing. I told you a read a lot that I didn’t review at the time!

Here we go… ‘When the grits hit the fan’ is book three in the ‘Country Store Mystery series’. I’m loving this series so far as the characters are relatable, the town setting is well described and enticing, and the diner/shop/ and then some is a pipe dream of mine, so also VERY enticing indeed. Add to this the crime, whodunit red herrings, and sleuthing by our protagonist, well-balanced with the characters and settings, and all of this makes for good reading.

‘When the grits hit the fan’ brings a new aspect of the Country Store to the reader, as well as another tantalising piece to her personal past. Add to that the shocking murder of a not so pleasant person meaning there are a few suspects to get through. As usual, with this series, there were enough red herrings involving these suspects to keep me guessing and second guessing myself. And I need that in a whodunit. If I figure out who the murderer is almost right away, and I’m not discouraged by the author’s skill of twisting and turning the tale, I find it a dud book. ‘When the grits hit the fan’ is NOT a dud book, I was not left disappointed. Yay!

So thank you Ms Day for adding another enjoyable read to your ‘A Country Store Mystery’ series.

Usual book nerd comment – As this was a published book and not an ARC, the copy contained no memorable clangers or knots in the story thread that an editor had missed. Plus it was perfectly formatted for Kindle. We all knew it would be, right?

Buy on Amazon (affiliated link)

Would I recommend this book to others?

I do, I have, I will continue to do so. ‘When the grits hit the fan’ is another well-balanced, small town America cosy crime. And so lovers of this series, lovers of cosy crimes, you know you’re going to enjoy this tale.

Would I buy this book for myself?

I did, I’m glad I did, and do not regret it. And, even now with the Australian/ American exchange rate, I feel it’s still a reasonable price on Amazon Australia as either an eBook or paperback.

In summary: A great addition to an entertaining small town American mystery series.

Until next time,



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