My reviewing style


This page is meant to help you realise that I am indeed the perfect person to review for you.

Why am I the best person for the job?

 Can I just say “Trust me, I AM”? No, well how about this – I’m the best person to review your item for you because I will openly and honestly tell my readers what I think, how I felt and how I reacted to the product I reviewed. This is commonly known as ‘sharing an opinion’.

I won’t drone on with specifications, rehash what others have said or give a one line response (unless asked to do so by you).

I’m slightly sarcastic and tend to go for the light hearted approach when reviewing. This is me mentioning it just in case it wasn’t apparent in my reviews. Some see it, some don’t. It’s all part of me trying to help people connect to a product rather than put them to sleep with a review.

Please Note –

I do take things seriously when necessary and will freely give constructive criticism about an item if I feel it is needed/ would be helpful. I’m an author and I occasionally get bad reviews myself. I might not like them, but if they come with well written constructive criticism I can at least learn why my writing didn’t work for that reader.

We learn from our mistakes, as well as from our successes. Don’t take it personally, I don’t.

I will always try to find a positive about an item, even if I’ve not really liked it. But I will also be honest and let you know the negatives too.

All current reviews are done by me because I choose to; I have not been sponsored or paid to make ANY of them. If I am ever paid or sponsored to review an item, I will clearly state as much at the start.

How to contact me…

So, was I right about being perfect for you? Youve looked over the Things that Interest Me and see your product fits in nicely? Cool! Contact me here.

Your message will need to include a description of the item and a timeline of when you’d like it reviewed by. I will let you know if I’m interested and whether I can meet your timeline. Please realise I’m a busy mum and sometimes need to juggle jobs to fit it all in. I also don’t accept all request.

My Did Not Finish (DNF) policy…

I freely admit that I don’t enjoy every item I’ve agreed to review (though I do try and only choose things I should like) and sometimes books get thrown onto my DNF (Did Not Finish) pile. As I’m generally a nice person, unless I really feel a need to publish on here why I didn’t finish a book – there will be no review on my blog for a DNF.

Instead I will contact the publisher/ author in private with my reasons. This is usually done via Netgalley or an email. If I have marked the book down as ‘currently reading’ on Goodreads, I will publish the same review as to why I didn’t finish it there. But my DNF reviews tend to go no further.

Please Note –

I always do my best to keep such reviews polite and to the point. They are meant as constructive criticism not a slur against the author’s name. Most of the time it’s due to me just not gelling with the book, so the fault lies with the reader, not the work. I call this a FTC (Failure To Connect).

The majority of books I do mark as DNF do not get rated. Being an author myself I really dislike people giving my work a low score when they’ve not even read the entire book – so why should I be any different? I didn’t like the book; I’ve put it down and walked away. Why damage its overall rating?

So, if you’ve been wondering why it’s rare to see a DNF on this blog – that is why. If I feel strongly enough to share a DNF as I found the book that bad, yeah, then you’ll see it here. Otherwise, nada.

If you can put up my style of views and reviews, come see me about reviewing for you.

Kind regards,




  1. Janis, I appreciated your honest review of FLIPPED FOR MURDER, and I’m delighted you thought I kept the two series voices distinct. I thought you might like to know that my Quaker Midwife historical mystery series debuts in April with DELIVERING THE TRUTH, and it will also be up on NetGalley as of November.


    1. Ooh, I do like a good bit of historical crime fiction. that and cosy crime are my two favourite sub-genres. Thanks for the tip, I will keep an eye out! And thanks for leaving me feedback too! 🙂


    2. Oh dear, Delivering the Truth is now available, but through Midnight Ink and they NEVER approve any of my requests! Oh well, I will have to wait until next year and publication. 🙂


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