Who am I?

I’m a Virtual Assistant, Reviewer, Author, Mum, foodie, student and Haus Frau in no particular order.

You see, I like to keep busy and I like to use my chatty, fun nature to share what I think about things through various forms of social media.

I live in the Adelaide Hills with my husband and three children – the latter lovingly referred to as ‘Demonic Hordes’ – and an ever increasing menagerie.


When not being a Writer or Reviewer, I’m a self-confessed Haus Frau by choice (meaning this is the career path I want right now). I do this by trying to find the right balance between horde wrangling, keeping house, café visits – for much needed hot chocolates – and loads of reading and writing. Add to this I’m currently doing a degree in Internet Communication and you can see busy is what I like.

Seriously though, one of the main reasons for this life choice are my kids – who I call Eldest Horde, Middle horde and Horde#3 online. They are all neuro diverse in some way and need care for those days when the “normal” world gets a little too much. Heck, don’t we all? 😉


The reason I love doing what I do and working for the clients I deal with is because I’m mildly obsessed with supporting local businesses and wholefood producers. I love helping businesses with their social media presence so they can focus on the important things, like making me chocolate, raw vegan desserts, soap and so on.

I also have a bit of a cookery book habit. As in, I love to collect them, the older the better. It’s great to be reminded of what food used to look and taste before it became a reality television competition prop. And old food isn’t all lard and offal you know. Though I am a bit partial to some good lardy cake.


Because of my passions and opinionated view, I became a reviewer in May 2015. In 2016 my product reviewing took off and, to date, I’ve been sent over $1000 worth of items – most kitchen appliances – to review for free. As of 2017 I have picked up work as both a Virtual Assistant (VA) and article contributor to a few different online locations.

As you can see, I may be Boutique, but I am obviously good at what I do.

So, do I sound interesting enough for you? Check out my Reviewing Style and Things that Interest Me. If you would like to get in touch – contact me.

Nice to meet you!





  1. Hi Janis i was reading your review on this Phillips all in one cooker
    did you ever re-write your own version of the instruction manual and recipes?
    Just bought one myself and quite agree with your blog!


    1. Not a manual… but yes I have been writing up recipes for my own version of a cook book. Glad it’s not just me being picky and other see the flaws too! It’s a great little appliance, shame the paperwork fails to support it though.


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