Book Review – Grow Your Soil! by Diane Miessler.

4 out of 5 stars

I would like to thank Storey Publishing for providing me with a free – temporary – electronic ARC of this book, via Netgalley. Although I required their approval, the decision to read this book is my choice and any reviews given are obligation free.

This is another book I read recently, so yay me! I’m back!

‘Grow your own soil’ was a very entertaining and inspiring book on how we can all do our own bit in helping create soil from dirt, and then keep it healthy. As healthy soil creates healthy food, that feeds healthy people.

Now, I may have enjoyed this book simply as I’m someone interested soil and all the microbes and bacteria involved in keeping it healthy. I grew up knowing about soil bacteria as we had a bacterium in our soil that could kill a person. Being the kind of person I am, rather than be scared by it, I became fascinated in soil bacteria and how it’s a vital part of our lives – just like our own gut bacteria.

So, of course, this was a book I was hoping to enjoy. The nice surprise is that it wasn’t the stale text book I was expecting it to be. It was silly of me to think that Storey Publishing would create a stale, aesthetic, text book and so I apologise.

‘Grow your own soil’ is an informative book wrote in a semi-casual tone that helps share the author’s passion for the subject with the reader. It keeps the reader entertained and interested, while also learning a lot. I do want to emphasise that, despite the casual tone, it is still a serious and interesting book to read. Think of it as being more like having a chat with someone, via a book, than a severe reference book on facts alone.

I also enjoyed the simplistic art scattered through the book. It wasn’t in your face, distracting from the information being shared. Instead it was complimentary to it, really making the book more attractive to read. It filled in the white gaps that would be blank pages, transforming a reference book into a more (pardon the pun) down to earth helpful guide to bettering our lives through bettering the soil. I mean, is it just me who wanted to go look at the dirt in my yard, and try and make it become soil? It’s autumn here, so mulching my gardening for the winter is already on my mind… now “building my own house” of soil is more on my mind. So, thank you.

Book nerd side of things: As I’ve already touched upon, the layout and formatting of ‘Grow your own soil’ was good. To be a snob, it was the usual high standard I’ve come to expect from Storey Publishing. The light hearted, but honestly enthusiastic, voice of the author really shows even in the layout and formatting. It makes it a more compelling read.

Buy on Amazon (affiliated link)

Would I recommend this book to others?

Yes I would. For people who are interested in taking back control of what is in their soil – and therefore in the food they grow – are going to love reading ‘Grow your own soil’. People passionate about a simpler, low waste, low “nasty” chemical life with a garden of their own are going to enjoy this book. Basically, people like me are going to enjoy this book. 😉

Would I buy this book myself?

Yes I would, but as a paper version. I don’t know why, I just feel owning it in a paper copy to move even more away from the artificial (technology) to the plain and basic life. But I’m weird. And, at the time of my review, I feel that both the electronic and paper versions on Amazon Australia are reasonably priced for what our exchange rate is currently at.

In summary: An excellent book to help you turn your dirt into soil.


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