Book Review – Creative Folk Art & Beyond by Flora Waycott, Oana Befort, Marenthe Otten, Terri Fry Kasuba.

4 out of 5 stars

I would like to thank Quarto Publishing Group – Walter Foster for providing me with a free electronic ARC of this book, via Netgalley, in exchange for an open and honest review.

This is another book I read back in January, but am only just now getting a chance to leave a review for. As some of my other reviews show, I do love a bit of folk art and so thoroughly loved reviewing this book. Though, I have to say it would work far better as a paper book, rather than the electronic version I had as, quite simply, I had itchy fingers each time there was a “try and draw that here” exercises as I couldn’t always do them. Yes, I sometimes tried on a blank piece of paper I had on hand, but some days I was reading ‘Creative Folk Art &  Beyond’ on the school pick up so had no chance to draw along too. Oh the inhumanity! 😀

But, other than that personal self-pity whinge, this was a fantastic book to read. The combination of different artists and their specialities, the exercises, projects and suggestions – wonderful all round.

Oh, and I am officially in love with Hygge! That is what you call the sorts of everyday objects around your home that bring you comfort and joy… which you then use to inspire and influence your art. And ‘Creative Folk Art & Beyond’ will indeed encourage readers to also fall in love with Hygge too.

It doesn’t matter your skill level as I felt there were exercises and examples suitable for all levels within this creative tome. I am not that skilled at Folk Art but, rather than be intimidated by the exercises, the way ‘Creative Folk Ark & Beyond’ is written you find yourself encouraged to give it a go. The wording is friendly and helpful all at once so you never feel like an idiot, more someone being shown by a friend how to create some gorgeous art.

To the formatting and layout side of things – clear, precise, easy to follow and really just added to the overall feeling of being a welcoming, friendly, fun and easy to use book.

Creative Folk Art and Beyond


Would I recommend this book to others?

Yes I would – as if you hadn’t already guessed that! 😉

As I have said already, this is a great, helpful, easy to follow book that really inspires the reader to pick up and pencil and give it a go.

It wouldn’t matter the skill level of the person, as I feel beginners would learn a lot while those more experienced in folk art would find inspiration in trying new ideas.

Would I buy this book for myself?


Oooooh YES! It is on my list! I want a copy that I can dawdle in, try out and have a go at. I want to do the projects, decorate my cupboards and, well, go a tad folk art crazy. Because that’s exactly what ‘Creative Folk Art & Beyond’ does – want to go out and give folk art a go (not the crazy bit, that’s just me) ;-). A fantastic book well worth a read.

In summary: A book for all skill levels that will inspire you to try and create folk art of your own. Highly recommended.

Until next time,



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