Feel Good Friday – Pureharvest.

Welcome to my very first Feel Good Friday segment!

Yes, thank you for noticing I am publishing it on a Saturday, but this week I have been fighting a pesky summer head cold and yesterday was my Eldest Horde’s birthday – so had other priorities. Sorry. 😉

But here we go all the same.


My Review.

4 out of 5 stars.

I came across this business a couple of years ago now when I was seeking dairy free milk that wasn’t full of all sorts of crud and also actually tasted nice. I had been making my own nut milk at the time, but then started suffering from horrific chilblains (not related) and so was no longer able to squeeze the bag to make the milk – nut milk makers will know what I am saying here. 😉

So, couldn’t make my own dairy free milk, couldn’t drink dairy without dire consequences… what was I to do? I found Pureharvest Coco Quench and it saved my life. Well, made it a lot easier to live.

I have since found some of their other products – actually quite hard to get here in South Australia in the shops, which is a shame – but that could be because I rarely shop at an IGA, Coles or Woolworths – which is where they say they sell their products. I’m a Foodland girls myself.

However, as nice as the other products are, the Coco Quench is still my only staple from them. And I do love seeing it pop up in more and more cafes to replace the other dairy free milk options as, quite frankly, they were pretty terrible as they were all the same ones I was avoiding from the shops!

So, in a way, you could think most of my review is based on the Coco Quench and, yeah, you’d be correct. But it’s not just that, I love Pureharvest’s principles and ethics and that they are a long running company trying to bring better foods to those of us with dietary restrictions and that they are Australian.

I did ask them for an interview last year and was given answers to my questions. However, the person I had been in contact with has since left the company and, on attempting to contact Pureharvest to confirm all information was still correct, haven’t had any response.

But I get that a lot – I am a small time blogger, not affiliated with any big names and so rarely get my emails responded to. It’s life, I’ve accepted it and moved on.

It doesn’t make me angry at Pureharvest – they are busy doing things like making sure I have enough milk. 😉 But I am a little frustrated, so if they’re reading this, from someone who reached the level of Customer Service Expert in her twenty years in the job – you’re looking a tad unprofessional ignoring all email enquiries, even from we little fish. 😉

But, I digress, I want to talk about the good stuff and I have to say that Coco Quench is indeed the good stuff. To see what’s in it, go here.

What I really love about it – besides the lack of yucky bits that similar “healthy” dairy free milks contain – is the mild taste. It’s not full on coconut nor is it too sickly sweet. I mean, I do still find it too sweet for me, but I’ve acclimatised to it. When I make my own dairy free milk, I don’t add sugar/ sweetener. Personal taste, personal choice. Still, Coco Quench isn’t as sickly sweet as other dairy free milks out there.

The very big winner for me with Pureharvest’s Coco Quench is that is works well in both hot and cold dishes. Some dairy free milks have a tendency to split when heated and can give a curdled look. Not Coco Quench. It is just as good to use in smoothies, homemade yoghurts and ice creams through to cakes, slices and scones.

Coco Quench has the closest consistency to dairy milk that I have come across and is therefore adaptable enough to be used in pretty much any sweet dish you can use dairy milk. I am wondering if the saturated fat content of the coconut is similar enough to that of dairy milk that is responds the same way?

Coco Quench combo.jpeg
What I do with Coco Quench – Top Left: Hot with Crio Bru, Top Right: In a frozen berry and banana smoothie, Middle Left: Makes great yoghurt, Bottom Left: Amazing in my Thai Style Peanut Sauce, Bottom Right: Great in my ‘Coconut Afternoon tea cake’ too!

Now, please note I do say any sweet dish… as I don’t tend to use Coco Quench in savoury dishes, except for my Thai Style peanut sauce. And this is for two reasons – there is still enough of a coconut flavour – no matter how subtle – to make some savoury dishes “taste funny”. Plus it is sweeter than dairy milk and so can add an unwanted sweetness to savoury dishes.

This, to me, means it’s perfectly fine in curries, peanut sauce, and similar Asian style meals… Not that great if doing bangers and mash. This could just be a personal choice but, yeah, my savoury dishes tend to be ones that lack dairy… and dairy substitutes.

Would I recommend Pureharvest to others?

This is simply based on their milk and what I’ve read on their site – I would and do. And I love seeing Coco Quench appear at cafes I frequent and constantly ask if they’re using it yet. When they turn to me and say they now do – a cheer goes up! 😉

Would I use Pureharvest myself?

I do and plan on doing so for many years to come. Theo Coco2 spread is divine, their Coco Quench milk an essential staple in my house, and if I was able to see and buy their other range of products, I wouldn’t hesitate.

In summary: A great Australian company ensuring there are far healthier food options out there. Highly Recommend.

The Interview.

Please note: The answers Pureharvest gave to my interview questions come from March 2016. I have done my best to contact them to ensure the answers are still accurate and up to date but strongly recommend people ask Pureharvest directly if this information is still accurate before they make their own decisions on buying/ using their products.

What is the name of your business?


Are you Fairtrade?

We aren’t an official Fairtrade company however we ensure all of our products are sourced ethically and are organically certified. Not only are organic products better for our health, by choosing organic products we are helping promote fair and sustainable farming practices.

If you take our Coco Quench beverage as an example, the rice that we use for the rice milk component is from Thailand. We source it from a co-op of approximately 380 farms, all of whom are paid more for supplying an organic product, thereby supporting fair and environmentally sound farming. 

Where is your head office location?

Pureharvest is based in the Gippsland region of Victoria.

What is it you produce/ sell?

We produce a range of organic and natural products, including non-dairy milks, juices, corn and rice cakes, natural sweeteners like our Rice Malt Syrup and delicious spreads like our coconut and chocolate spread Coco².

How many people work for you/ do you work with?

We’re a medium-sized business with a varied and talented team who are enthusiastic about producing quality products.

What inspired you to create your business?

Back in the late 1970s there wasn’t a lot in the way of whole, organic food available. Pureharvest started as a little health food store to address that need and has grown from there.

Where can people get your products?

Pureharvest products are available in Coles, Woolworths, Aldi and health food stores.

Which is your favourite product you produce?

One of the favourites around the office is definitely the Coco Quench – perfect in hot drinks, smoothies and curries. But our Coco² spreads are quickly becoming a favourite as well.

If applicable, are your products Palm Oil free?

None of our products use Palm Oil.

What message would you like to pass on to the world to help make it a better place?

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi.

At Pureharvest we love this quote as we’re dedicated to helping people live healthier, happier lives by providing them with nutritious wholefoods.

Your website:


Anything else you would like to add:

Don’t forget to check out our recipe blog where you can find lots of delicious and healthy creations suitable for a range of dietary needs!

I would like to thank Pureharvest for taking the time for those answers, even if it was almost a year ago.

Until next time,



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