Feel Good Friday – coming soon!

Hello and welcome to a new segment on my blog – Feel Good Friday.

What’s it all about? Well, every Friday this year I want to review and interview a business that I feel is making a big difference to our world. Being who I am, I will mainly be focussing on Australian businesses, but am more than happy to chat about ones located elsewhere as long as they fit into what I am trying to do.

And what am I trying to do? Well, this time last year I embarked on Fairtrade Friday where I reviewed and interviewed businesses who sold goods fairly traded. But I had to stop, for a few reasons, and I miss those Friday’s of giving a plug.

Where did I fail? Well, the two biggest things were I hadn’t researched the whole concept properly before I kicked it off and soon discovered that there are certified Fairtrade businesses, and then there are those who say they are/ use fairly traded goods… but haven’t forked out for the costly Fairtrade certificate. A conundrum for me as should we really need to PAY for a certificate before we do those practices? Can fairly traded be held accountable without the certificate backing it up? It was dilemma.

Secondly, and from my initial enquiries I fear this will happen again this year, hardly anyone deemed me worthy enough to reply to my email or answer my interview questions. Some have, and I hope to be kicking off with one of them next week. However, I decided to put on my big girl panties, pretend those doors slammed in my face and brick walls thrown in my path weren’t there and I’m pressing on.

So, this year I am doing something a little different. I will be doing a free promo and review of businesses I happen to like and use the products of. I will still be approaching them for an interview but if they decline or simply ignore me – I will state this in my review but post it all the same.

I will say, however, that after 20 years in Customer Service and gaining the title of “Expert” of that field, I do find people ignoring my enquires to be very poor form and rather shoddy customer service… but if I still like their product, I will still give it a plug. Why focus on the negatives when I want us all to feel good and share some pretty awesome stuff?

My calendar of places to do each Friday is filling up fast, and I will be reviewing places like PureHarvest, Big Tree Farms, Red Cacao, Crio Bru, Hannah Pad and Scrumpy Soap – just to name a few – but if anyone else wants to join in my feel good Friday shout out, please contact me via the below form.

I can’t promise you will be included, but I am always open to meet new businesses and see what awesome stuff they do. If you make it into my schedule I will let you know.

To ensure we’re on the same wavelength as to the sorts of places I like to review and interview, please check out ‘Things that Interest Me’ as there is a fabulous list there.

Feel Good Friday will not be a place I review/interview books for specific people… Simply a place to give a shout out to a business I happen to feel good about and want to share.

Any questions, let me know!

See you next week for our first review/ interview!


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