Book Review -Swimming Without A Net: Number 2 in series (Fred the Mermaid Trilogy) by MaryJanice Davidson.


3 out of 5 stars.

I would like to thank myself for this book as I bought it years ago, in paper form, for my own entertainment and enjoyment and don’t regret that at all. So, no one paid me for this review and it’s all my opinion and therefore my fault if you don’t like it!

As I just read the first in this three book series OF COURSE I would then have to read the following two books.

And, as they go, ‘Swimming without a net’ is okay… not amazingly brilliant (sorry Ms Davidson) but it was good. We learn more about the mermaids, erm Undersea Folk, we learn more about Fred’s past… we learn far too much about what Jonas likes doing… all in all it was a fun read and definitely works well as the second book in the series.

But – and this is me being my usually brutally honest self – it really did just seem like padding between book one and three. Yeah, I know, how dare I?! I am a HUGE fan of Ms Davidsons and I know I am making this out to be a terrible story – but it’s not. But if I had read it as a stand-alone, rather than as part of the series, I wouldn’t have been that impressed.

It had its moments, but they were far and far between in comparison to some of Ms Davidson’s other works.

Would I recommend this book to others?

Despite my seemingly catty remarks above – yes I would! I am a fan of her work, I bought all three Fred the Mermaid books and do recommend people buy and read them too. I just REALLY recommend they don’t buy and read this book on its own. It will put you off the whole series.

Would I buy this book for myself?

I did, I have no regrets and have read it a few times now. The series as a whole is fabulous… this book on its own, just padding. Sorry.

In summary: A good second book in a series, don’t read on its own, buy and read all three as it’s a great story, up to Ms Davidson’s witty, clever high standards and something any fan would proudly own.

Until next time,



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