Book Review – Fish Out of Water (Fred the Mermaid, Book 3) by MaryJanice Davidson.

Fish out of water.jpg

3 out of 5 stars.

I would like to thank myself for this book as I bought it years ago, in paper form, for my own entertainment and enjoyment and don’t regret that at all. So, no one paid me for this review and it’s all my opinion and therefore my fault if you don’t like it!

And here we are with book three… and one I raced through in a matter of hours I enjoyed it so much and when done, like always, wished the series had been extended into more books.

As I really love the characters, enjoy the story lines and possibilities out there… but did feel this book was rushed, had too much crammed into it and was then chopped off, neatened up and finished as the required word count was met. (Oh Ms Davidson, please don’t hate me, I am a HUGE fan!)

But, yeah, there was just something about this series that felt like the author’s heart just wasn’t in it. Maybe too busy making the Queen Betsy series so awesome? I don’t know… but it was something.

I did like the twist and (sorry) red herrings thrown into this story, and maybe it is just me being greedy, but I felt it wrapped up all too quickly and posted itself off as finished before the readers had even gotten a chance to get into it. I did say it only took me a few hours to read, right?

As with all three books, the characters were great, very engaging, funny, annoying, etc. All the right mix needed in a supernatural series. The plot was a bit jumbled and seemed to take a long time to get going… hence me reading all night long. 😉

But a good book, I wish it wasn’t the final, and well worth a read.

Would I recommend this book to others?

Yes I would. Again, like with book two, I would mention this is the third book in a series and would recommend people buy and read the first two books as well as ‘Fish out of water’.

Would I buy this book for myself?

Been there, done that and can’t say I’ve ever regretted doing so. Any fan of Ms Davidson’s would be silly not to own the three books in this series. They aren’t really stand-alone reads, so do ensure you get all three.

In summary: Final book in a good series – and one I feel could do with a few more books in it, but maybe that’s just me being too greedy? Seriously something lovers of the lighter side of a supernatural mystery series should buy as they would enjoy.

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