Book Review -Midsummer Night’s Mischief by Jennifer D. Hesse.

Midsummer nights mischief

4 out of 5 stars.

I would like to thank Kensington Books for allowing me a free ARC of this book, via Netgalley, in exchange for an open and honest review.

What a great new idea for a cosy crime series! Now, it could be because I am a Pagan myself (not wiccan) and so could associate a lot with Keli being “in the broom closet”. It could be because my vegan leanings (still an omnivore). It was more likely because I’m such a huge fan of the cosy crime/ mystery genre… I don’t know – but I just clicked with this book and loved it.

It is the first book in a series called ‘A Wiccan Wheel Mystery’ and so I am going to guess here that the adventures are going to all occur at specific points of the wheel of the year – pagan speak for the equinoxes, solstices and other memorable points we follow. But please, please, PLEASE don’t let all the paganism put you off enjoying the story! If you are afraid of books that contain people of non-Christian faiths being the protagonist, please don’t be afraid of this book as it’s not all pagan/wiccan nor is it going to try and convert you a witty, sharp intrigue at a time – cute rock star looking boyfriends or not.

The cosy/ mystery side far outweighs ANY religious connotations and to avoid this book for having a whiff of paganism means you are missing out on a great new mystery series.

Hmmm, I really hope that’s not scared too many people off. I won’t even go into the yummy vegan side in case it does. 😉

Okay, back to the actual book… it is well paced – slow in a few spots, but not too bad. The characters are likable, easy to connect with and fun to follow. Their sleuthing skills are believable and the storyline is well mapped out and contains a good balance of personal life, crime solving and hotties.

Something I really loved about ‘Midsummer Night’s Mischief’ is there was barely a ‘first book in the series jitters’ to be seen. Which was great, and shows Ms Hesse is a talented writer and knows what she’s doing when it comes to creating a new series to entertain and enthral her readers. Yes I guessed the whodunit fairly early on, but there is rarely a book I don’t do that to. However, it’s only the great books I then finish reading to see the why as well as the who!

Would I recommend this book to others?

Yes I would. Totally enjoyable, easy to get lost in and fun to follow story. Lovers of cosy crime/ mysteries will enjoy this any day. It is the perfect combination of mystery, personality, love interest and friendship that make modern cosies what they are.

Would I buy this book for myself?

Yes I would. Totally my kind of cosy and just try and stop me! I will definitely be looking out for further books in this series and hope Kensington think of me when it’s time to review them!

In summary – great start to a new mystery series, contains the balance of things to make a perfect cosy and has the right pace to keep you wanting to know more until it’s all over. Highly recommend.

Until next time,



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