Book Review – Ghost of a Chance by Angie Fox.

3 out of 5.

I bought this eBook for myself via Kindle (Amazon) and so thank myself for this wise purchase. 😉

This is the second ‘in-between’ short story of the South Ghost Hunter Mysteries series and, for a short story, it was good… but I don’t know. I just didn’t find it as amazingly entertaining and fun as I have found the rest of the series.

Don’t get me wrong, it was good. And it fit into the series perfectly and I don’t regret buying it, reading it or owning it… there was just something a little flat to this story. For me, it seemed to be missing the same sparkle the rest of the books in the series held. Maybe I was just in the wrong mood to read it? I don’t know. I just can’t find it in me the ability to give my usual rave review and top star rating, and I am sorry for that as this series deserves rave reviews as it’s a fantastic one!

Maybe this short story was just a little too short? That could be it. I did feel like I blinked and I missed it and maybe my odd feeling is because I am greedy and just wanted MORE Verity and Frankie than was on offer? 😉 Heck, I’m now just going to have to wait until March to get a bigger fix when the next book comes out!

Would I recommend this book to others?

Yes I would. If you’re a fan of this series – or of Ms Fox’s other work – this is essential reading to keep your fan status. 😉

Would I buy this book for myself?

Already have done and don’t regret it one little bit. Yes it seemed to lack something other books in this series had… but that doesn’t make it a bad book and I am proud to add it to my collection.

In summary: A good little short story and filler between the longer books in the Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries. It might have lacked something for me… but I freely admit the fault probably lay with the reader and so feel everyone loving this series should go grab a copy for themselves today.

Until next time,

Janis. XXOO


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