Book Review – Cut the Sugar, You’re Sweet Enough by Ella Leche.

4 out of 5 stars.

I would like to thank Andrews McMeel Publishing for a free ARC of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an open and honest review.

A fantastic book! Just exactly the sort of thing someone like me wants in a cook book. Sadly, thanks to allium intolerances and allergies in my family (which no cook book seem to take into mind) I couldn’t give it top marks as I still need to skip or majorly modify some recipes… BUT! I love this book, I have it in my online bookstore shopping cart and will be OWNING this book very shortly so please excuse any constructive criticism I may give below as it’s just me providing open and honest feedback.

Okay, so where to start? I mean, wow! It is rare for me to find a modern cook book where there are just so many recipes I want to try them all, on my family, TODAY! We’re about to head back into the school year here and so I’ve been looking around for ways to liven up breakfast, packed lunches, snacks and dinners while sticking to simple, homemade, dairy free, refined sugar free and wheat/ grain free cooking… as that is what we do. So ‘Cut the sugar, you’re sweet enough’ has landed on my laptop just in time.

Gorgeous pictures, basic ingredients and clear and easy to follow instructions make it a welcoming and desirable book.

Yes I would have to modify anything containing the allium family (onion, garlic, chives, etc.), yes I would have to modify any of the sweet recipes that use Stevia (causes headaches or tastes bitter to some family members) and yes I would have to convert to Australian measurements and temperatures… but you know what? This book is WORTH that, and there is seriously very little of the above I would need to do! The positives and benefits of owning and using this cook book far outweigh these minor niggles. Plus there is a fantastic conversion page at the back of the book so those who need to convert and don’t have the tools in place – you won’t need them as the book helps you do it!

The only other minor niggle, and this is just me being overly picky, is I’m not a fan of pre-made pasta sauce. So when suggesting people use a jar of marinara sauce – and not provide a detailed recipe for a homemade option – yeah, I was a little disappointed in that. There IS a past sauce recipe in another recipe… but I don’t remember a recipe just to help make your own. But, as I’ve been making my own napoletana sauce for years, can easily sub. It’s just a shame there is such a basic sauce listed and suggested the reader buy it pre-made. Especially as the pre-mades can be filled with all sorts of things we wouldn’t normally eat.

Okay, that is just a pet peeve of mine – the dreaded pre-made! I do apologise for bringing it up, and it won’t stop me proudly owning and using this book, it’s just meant as a little constructive criticism.

Would I recommend this book for others?

Yes I would. And I would do so loud and proud as it is well worth it. I’ve already been singing its praises on social media and recommending it to people I know there who have similar diets to my own.

Would I buy this book for myself?

Yes, a very big yes. As said at the beginning of this review, I plan on placing it in an order in the next few days and cannot wait for the copy to arrive. I do prefer my cook books in paper form rather than eBook and so can’t wait to thumb through the paper version!

In summary: For anyone with dietary restrictions on wheat/ grain, dairy and sugars – this is definitely a book for you. Quick, easy and tasty look recipes I’m sure the whole family would love. Grab a copy as soon as you can!

Until next time,

Janis. XXOO



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