Book Review – Biscuits and Slashed Browns (A Country Store Mystery Book 4) by Maddie Day.

4 out of 5 stars

Another book I thank myself for. I bought ‘Biscuits and Slashed Browns’ from Amazon Australia, as I’m a fan of the author (under her many names) and have enjoyed this series so far. So, this is obviously an open and honest review, as the only one who paid me to do it was… ME! Thank you me, I adore your GREAT taste in books. 😉

I will, however, give a big shout out to the publisher Kensington Books, as they are one of my favourite publishers of cosy crimes… and are always approving my requests for books on Netgalley, despite my slow response with reviews. ❤

‘Biscuits and Slashed Browns’ is book four in the ‘Country Store Mystery’ series by Ms Day. And, to put it few words – was as enjoyable as the last three books in this series.

I think the thing I enjoyed the most about the book (besides the cosy crime aspect) is the geography and botany lesson given. I would never have thought maple trees, and maple syrup farming could thrive that far south. Yeah, I’m a book nerd and I love learning new things, as well as immersing myself in a good mystery.

Actually, that could be why I’ve enjoyed this whole series. Each book can be a stand-alone mystery… while at the same time the series is slowly teaching me about Brown County and Indiana. I love the detail and research that Ms Day obviously puts into each of the books, to try and make the story as believable and realistic as possible. It really does add to the overall enjoyment of the cosy crime/ mystery genre. That perfect balance of whodunnit, character development, and detailed descriptions of the food, events, and surrounds.

For those who love a food related cosy that comes with recipes, you will love the end of ‘Biscuits and Slashed Browns’ as I have to say those ‘Maple Curry Biscuits’ look like a tempting thing to try. Though, me being me, I’d be wanting to try it with a potato flour or similar… Blame my need for gluten free, and my Asian food influenced upbringing. 😉 Oh, and “curry powder”? Garam Masala at the very least, please!

Admittedly, this was one of the dozens of books I read last year and still owe a review for. So, I apologise if I’ve focussed more on the food and the festivities than the crime. But the crime was indeed there! A bloody murder did occur. And there was a good blending of suspects, red herrings, and believable end result that had me guessing and second guessing myself for a while.

So, yes, this was yet another perfectly balanced cosy crime mystery. It had all the right things in just the right amounts to make me enjoy the reading journey and want to read more in this series.

Book nerd moment – the formatting, layout, editing, etc was the usual good quality I expect from Kensington Books. Then again, it was a published copy, and not an ARC I was reading. Still, I see the same quality in the ARCs they send me too. Any editing clanger was so small and insignificant I’ve long forgotten them… if they were even there!

Would I recommend this book to others?

Yes, I would… but you’d already guessed that, I’m sure. I would, naturally suggest the person read the first three books in the series first. I mean, ‘Biscuits and Slashed Browns’ COULD be read as a stand-alone, if you don’t mind leading references to the other books. But I’m a bit of a traditionalist and much prefer reading a series in order.

So, yes, lovers of “small town America” cosy crime mysteries would enjoy this book. Cosy crime lovers who like a cooking/ food aspect to the book would enjoy it. Lovers of those perfectly balanced cosy crime books (and series) would enjoy this. I highly recommend.

Would I buy this book for myself?

We already know the answer to this… as I did! And no regrets either. I mean, with the current exchange rates between the USA and Australia, the current price is at the high end of what I’ll pay for an eBook… but it would still a worthwhile purchase. I’m pretty sure I bought it for a little less… But not too cheaply. Remember, just because it’s an eBook doesn’t mean there aren’t many people who created it and therefore deserve to be paid a decent salary. So never be too stingy! Pay thy authors!

In summary: a great addition to a highly enjoyable cosy crime mystery series.

Until next time,



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