Book Review – Grilled for Murder (A Country Store Mystery Book 2) by Maddie Day.

3 out of 5 stars

I would like to thank… well, myself actually. As I bought this book from Amazon Australia myself, as I’m a fan of the author (under her many names), and have enjoyed this series so far… And wanted to read this book. So this is obviously an open and honest review as the only one who paid me to do it was… ME! Thank you me, I loved that you thought of me like this, you have a GREAT taste in books. 😉

And, yes, this is yet another book I read last year and am only just now getting around to reviewing. These things happen, I do remember it because that’s one of my Neuro Divergent superpowers. Don’t envy me too much. 😉

Okay, so ‘Grilled for Murder’ is book two in the ‘Country Store Mystery series’. I have read more books in this series since book two, and I have to say I love the store, I love the setting of South Lick Indiana. It’s a perfect small town American setting for an Australian like me who is clueless of such geography and history. Oh, and I would definitely love to visit a café that also sold vintage cookware, as I LOVE vintage cookware and use a lot the items often described in this book, and others in the series. So found myself easily drawn into enjoying ‘Grilled for Murder’.

As with all my reviews, I’m not going to repeat the blurb, or rush over the plotline. Why spoil it for the reader? I will instead focus on feedback on the story and characters. As said, the world building and setting was good. I found the characters very believable and relatable, which helped draw me into wanting to keep reading. There were enough red herrings laced through out to keep me guessing and second guessing myself too. And I need that in a whodunit. If I figure out who the murderer is almost right away, and I’m not discouraged by the author’s skill of twisting and turning the tale, I find it a dud book. Thankfully I can assure you this is NOT the case with ‘Grilled for Murder’; I was kept entertained and guessing for a while.

Plus the story is that perfect blend of sleuthing and real life events that makes a good cosy crime. ‘Grilled for Murder’ is that balance of everyday life, and crime solving that I look for in this genre. Plus, being a book about food, it rewards the reader with some amazing recipes right at the back of the book. Seriously, what more could you ask for?

So, I can honestly say that ‘Grilled for Murder’ ticks all the right boxes to be a great read.

Book nerd moment – the copy I received contained no memorable clangers or knots in the story thread that an editor had missed. Plus it was perfectly formatted for Kindle… which is not surprising seeing it was a published book, not an ARC, which I was reading.

Buy on Amazon (affiliated link)

Would I recommend this book to others?

Yes I would. Cosy crime, cozy crime, mystery series – whatever term you prefer to use to describe this genre, if this is a genre you love, this is a book you WILL enjoy. Especially those who love their cosies set in small town America… with scrummy recipes in the back. 😉

Would I buy this book for myself?

Ummmm, I’d like to think we all already know the answer to this one? Yes, as I have already bought it, as I said at the start of this review. No regrets, have bought quite a few books in this series, I love them all.

In summary: A great addition to an entertaining small town American mystery series.


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