Eclectic Mumma Update – Where have I been?

Hi everyone,

As you may have noticed, my reviewer posts have been few and far between this year… which just won’t do. People have been sending me many books – and other things – to review, I have been reading and using these things… so where are the reviews?

Well, the simple answer is: My family and I have been through a lot this past year and a half including multiple bereavements, health issues, and schooling/ special needs problems. And, as I am a mum first and a reviewer second, I had to drop everything here to be elsewhere. Yup, I couldn’t even pull off that graceful swan gliding across the pond look, with my legs madly pumping out of sight below the surface. Instead I had to just leave you with the blank pond and fly away elsewhere…. With the occasional visit.

But, fingers crossed, that is all behind me now. As I have been saying – A LOT – it appears the light at the end of the tunnel is indeed the way out and not an oncoming train. 😀 And so here I am back at it all.


I’m taking some time away from studying my degree and putting more time back into being here… and on my other blogs. You did know I have other blogs, right? My author one, my Spectrums Unite (for my fellow Neuro Diverse parents and their horde wrangling), my eco-friendly Sustainability Mumma blog and – last but not least – Living on Little: Real Food on a Budget. Admittedly, all of these blogs are even less active than my reviewer one… which is the point of 2019 for me – BE the blogger! Oh, and I have a new paperback coming out in March… and so I feel I should really do some more of my own writing, as well as continuing to read the amazing works of others. Lots of work, lots of changes, and lots of fun things planned. I can’t wait!

Star banner

And that’s it. I had to be away for almost a year and a half, but I am back! I have several outstanding reviews for 2018 I hope to publish by Monday… and then it will be back to business as usual… until it gets into being business even better than usual. 😉

As some teasers… I have new Crio Brü flavours to chat about, plus a gorgeous Bodum French Press they also sent me. There are beetroot lattes to discuss, new chocolates to add to my “supermarket grade” edible list, these divine recycled sari silk pouches I bought from ISHANI Designs, the journal I got from Little Deer Studio, and of course many, many books!

Ishani designs bags
ISHANI Designs – recycled sari silk gift bags…

I’m also looking to update/ redo my blogs so watch carefully… things are going to be changing. Including that I’ll be trying to find some not too intrusive adverts and affiliated links to help pay for all these proposed changes. I will warn you if a link is affiliated though, it’s all part of my open and honest nature.

So I look forward to sharing them all with you, plus much more, in 2019. It’s time to cleanse, refresh, and press on forward to new things and new beginnings. Thanks for sticking with me for the ride; it’s going to be fun!

Until next time,



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