Book Review – Off the Beadin’ Path (Glass Bead Mystery #3) by Janice Peacock.

4 out of 5 stars

I can only thank (or blame) myself for this book as I bought it with my own money as I wanted to. 😉

Though I will give a mention to the author Janice Peacock who went and got me not only addicted to her ‘Glass Bead Mystery’ series, but lamp work beading in general.

‘Off the Beadin’ Path’ is book three in the ‘Glass Bead Mystery’ series and some of my more astute followers will have noticed that I reviewed book four – ‘To Bead or Not to Bead’ –  just a few weeks ago. Why Janis? Why!

Well, two reasons really. Firstly, I got the honour of being chosen as a Beta Reader for ‘To Bead or Not to Bead’ and then realised I’d not read book three… yet. Some fan, right? So I raced off and bought book three, read it and then went straight into book four before I’d even had a chance to leave a review for ‘Off the Beadin’ Path’. I was then committed to leaving a review for ‘To Bead or Not to Bead’ before a certain date. With me so far? Oh, good.

Janice beads
Courtesy of Janice Peacock Glass Artist

The second reason is… well, I’ve been a slack tart reviewer this year. Yeah, I said that! I have about NINE books in my “To Be Read” pile I have actually read – months ago for some of them – and am yet to get to leave a review for. What can I say? The need of a new laptop, my health, my other commitments… someone is going to take my reviewer badge off me soon if I don’t pull my socks up! 😀

So, yes, if you were just able to follow my crazy lady logic…. THAT is why you’re reading my book three review for a series AFTER reading my book four review. We good? Excellent… back to it then!

Okay… so in ‘Off the Beadin’ Path’ we find Jax and her BFF Tessa are off on an adventure again, this time to a nearby town to learn the art of glass blowing – very different from lamp work bead making – from some of Italy’s finest… until said finest – Marco – turns up dead and Jax herself is one of the lead suspects.

So it’s one of those ‘solve the mystery to clear my name’ type tales. And one that is done well, with some good red herrings, and plot padding so that you won’t be bored by it all.

Our other usual friends make appearances; from the cute could be boyfriend and actual detective, the other love interest and cop Ryan. Let’s not forget the lovable Val and her suddenly very elusive antics – and backseat of her car filled with spare shoes. They’re all there and they help balance the book out, along with a few new faces and a little delve into the past of Tessa and her life before husband and kids.

Yes there were a few “Hmmmm, you just said that, several times just a few pages ago” moments that cosy/ mysteries seem to do these days, so Ms Peacock can’t be blamed of being alone in that pattern. Plus there was the odd inconsistency in plot that should have been picked up in final edit… but hey, no one is perfect!

Other than that, it was a great cosy/ mystery read. It gave me reasons to keep second guessing my “whodunit” theories and I LOVE a book that does that! Well, the ones that do it as they are well written – like ‘Off the Beadin’ Path’ – and not like the ones that are poorly written and contradict themselves to give a plot twist ending. Don’t read those books, they’re real stinkers. 😉

Off the beadin path

Would I recommend this book to others?

Yes I would, I mean yeah… I suppose it MIGHT be enjoyable as a stand-alone read, but I would STRONGLY recommend people read all other books (and Novella) in the ‘Glass Bead Mystery’ series before reading ‘Off the Beadin’ Path’. You will thank me for introducing you to a fantastic, craft themed cosy series!

Would I buy this book for myself?

Well, um, yeah… and I did. But you know that. I love this series, own all the books (and Novella) and honestly do hang out for when the next books are due. Definitely a favourite cosy series of mine.

In summary: Want a cosy/ mystery that adds the colour of glass art into your day? Then this is the book for you.


Until next time,



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