Reviewer Update – Changes to where I will be leaving my book reviews.

Hello everyone!

Just a quick reviewer update to let people know that, due to recent changes on, I will be stopping my reviewing with them by the end of the year. Instead I will be leaving reviews, and linking to,

Why? It comes down to postage. Yup – postage. Well, yes… the new Amazon rules where I need to spend $50 with them a year before I can leave reviews there is a pain in the butt too… But hey, they have to run a business and all that blah de blah.

And as much as I do prefer buying local and supporting local businesses, I DO happily browse and buy online, including at Amazon. But I have ALWAYS found shopping at Amazon difficult for two reasons – it is hard to find places on that ship to my location… and for the ones that DO ship to here, the price of the postage usually costs three times as much as the item I am buying.

Pass! I tend to look for the item closer to home and buy it elsewhere for cheaper postage. What can I say… I don’t have a big budget – being a work from home reviewer/author when not being a carer to my ND kids. Money is tight. I want to spend what I have on the items, not getting them here. 😉

And, besides, is linked to my Kindle account and I can assure you here and now I can EASILY spend $50 there a year…. What can I say? I am a bookworm and can’t live on free books alone!

Besides, is starting to sell more than just books – yay! So I feel I should support them more than their overseas master. Hey, postage is cheaper too!

So, from now on I will be linking all my book reviews within my blog posts to – not and will only be leaving reviews on until they kick me out… again… for not spending money with them.

All clear? Cool. Please note I am not dissing and their rule choices. I don’t have enough time in my day to be offended by their nit picking nature. I am an open and honest reviewer… if they can’t tell the difference between me and a paid to spam reviewer – meh. There will always be my personal blog as The Place to see all the best reviews. 😉

Until next time,



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