Blogger Update – Merry Christmas from this Eclectic Mumma.

Hello everyone, Janis here with a rare update.

You will have noticed this blog a little sparse over the last couple of months and this post will hopefully explain a bit.

Basically – without airing my personal dirty laundry of life – my household hasn’t had that good a year. With illnesses, losses and other not that fab things happening, I’ve not had much time to keep up with my studies, my writing and – most heartbreaking of all – my reviewing! I honestly do miss reviewing and sharing my end results with you… plus I have half a dozen books or so I have finished and still need to get out before I forget about them! 😉

Rather than stress and stew over this all I am taking a DEEP BREATH and focussing on getting things done one at a time. My mother has always told me:

You can’t eat an elephant in one gulp. You just need to keep nibbling away at it here and there and one day it will be gone.”

And so that is how I am approaching my back log of items to review. From washing machines, clothes lines, chocolate, toothpaste through to the myriad of amazing (and not so amazing) books I’ve read. They will be reviewed! One nibble at a time.

For those who have sent me things to review – I thank you BIG TIME for your patience. I will get there.

For those who have made enquiries as to whether I will review for them – thank you for your interest, I will be replying to you as I can.

For those still waiting to be a part of my ‘Feel Good Friday’ – you are awesome, we will get there!

And for all of my wonderful subscribers, readers and occasional visitors – Thank YOU for being here and giving me the desire to keep going. ❤

As I am proudly Pagan you can tell I don’t pussyfoot around this festive season so will just wish you all a Blessed Litha or Merry Yule – it all depends on whether you are in the Southern Hemisphere like me (Litha) or in the Northern one (Yule). May you be happy, healthy and safe at this time.

Catch you all in 2018 if I don’t get a chance to post more reviews sooner!

Until next time,



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