Music Review – 111 Zen Tracks: Meditate & Free Your Mind, Relaxing Sounds to Keep Calm, Music to Treatment of Insomnia and Anxiety

I bought this album with my own money so my review is my own and not one paid for by others. I tried to buy it from Amazon but wasn’t available to Australia so ended up buying it via Google Music.

What can I say, I loved this album. So relaxing, peaceful and calming to listen to day or night.

There are indeed 111 tracks to this album and they average about 4 minutes each. So perfect for a quick moment of meditation within a busy work day – 1 or 2 tracks – or to help you drift off to sleep at night. But I have found you need to set it to fade out because if you listen to it all night you do not slip into the deep sleep needed, rather just float at the level similar to meditating. Wonderful… but not so restful. 😉

I have also found playing this music to a house full of bored kids trapped inside during their school holidays  – due to terrible weather – a magical balm that leads to calm, polite individuals rather than the horrors I usual claim to be the mother of.

So, yes, this album was amazing. Really helped me to centre and focus. To detached myself from the hectic nature of my life for a moment and find that inner peace and strength.

Some may think this album is like “spa music” or even elevator music… but they would be people who don’t meditate and look to clear their minds and heal their souls. So don’t listen to them. Loved this album, best purchase in a while. Definitely value for money and so very, very helpful and finding my inner peace.

Until next time,



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