Product Review – Crio Bru Maracaibo.

Crio Bru Maracaibo

4 out of 5 stars

I would like to thank Crio Brü Australia for introducing me to this flavour when it was included in the sample pack I purchased online from their site.

Before I get into my review, here are the usual basics.


I bought this product with my own money, I am not being paid to make this review, nor am I deliberately singling this product or company out. I’m just trying to give an open and honest review on items I use in my household.

Please note:  My review is based solely on Crio Brü’s Maracaibo blend. This is not a review of Crio Brü themselves or any other products, services or business they may offer.

Okay, so let’s get to it!

So what exactly is Crio Brü Maracaibo all about? Well, for those who haven’t followed my love affair with Crio Brü’s flavours on my Facebook page, it is a yet another delicious flavour blend made by Crio Brü from cacao beans. It is a coffee substitute and made in a similar manner – cacao beans dried in the sun, then roasted, milled and packed either as is, or with spice blends or similar.  Maracaibo isn’t a blend, it’s 100% cacao beans and, according to the packet, is free of fat, gluten, sodium and sugar. Going on the ingredients I would also suggest it is dairy free and Vegan friendly.

There are other Crio Brü flavours and I am slowly making my way through them all to try and share reviews of. But this review is all about the Maracaibo flavour. If you would like to learn more about Crio Brü and what they do, please visit their site here.

My Review:

Maracaibo has to be one of my favourite Crio Brü flavours so far. It is one of the mid-range to stronger flavours too so, to me, is a perfect all-rounder. Though, I must say I do prefer it as a hot drink, but its strong – but not over-powering – taste means it works well in baking and ice drinks as well as hot beverages. So, yes, good for bliss balls and brownies!

Although there is a strong ‘I can’t believe this isn’t coffee’ flavour to Maracaibo, I do have to say it is still obviously a hot chocolate. If you get the bitterness juuuuust right though, it makes a great morning coffee substitute – without all the nasty after effects I suffer from when drinking coffee. Meaning, this flavour can easily go without sugar if desired, but I still need some milk (cocoquench) in it to take the edge off the bitterness. The more sugar you add to this one, the more chocolatey it becomes.

Would I recommend this product to others?

Yes I would. I would warn it has the stronger flavour than others… but it makes it a good all-rounder and so a perfect everyday use Crio Brü.

Would I buy this product for myself?

Been there, done that. Made sure I got one of the big 680g bag to ensure I had enough to last me for all I wanted to use it for. Nailed it. Though do need to buy myself some more after only getting it a few months back. 😉

Crio Bru maracaibo big

In summary – has to be one of my favourites. Perfect all-rounder for hot and cold drinks, making and baking.

Until next time,



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