Book Review – Be Still My Beading Heart: A Glass Bead Mini-Mysteryby Janice Peacock


3 out of 5 stars.

I bought this short story for myself with my own money so technically don’t have to thank anyone… but will thank the author for the tip off. 😉

What can I say, I know it was a short story, sold as a short story and I am obviously a selfishly greedy fan of the ‘Glass Bead Mystery’ series – but I found it too short! 😀

I got to the end and went: wait, what? No! That can’t be all of it!

Sadly it was, but it was worth it all the same.

A lovely little mini mystery to sate we fans until the next book comes out. It picks up nicely from the last full story ‘A Bead in the Hand’, adds some intrigue and filler on the main characters, the hunky guys and our artistic protagonist. All in all it was of the same quality and fun I have come to expect from Ms Peacock and has really made me want to read book three ‘Off the Beadin’ Path’ when it comes out in March. I wish I was on her blog tour so I could read it sooner. 😀

It’s a short story so gets a short review.

Would I recommend this book to others?

Yes I would, though I would strongly advise them to go and grab the first two books ‘High Strung’ and ‘A Bead in the Hand’ first. This mini mystery is not a stand-alone and is best enjoyed in the company of its bigger siblings. 😉

Would I buy this book for myself?

Already have done. Don’t regret it either. Loved it, read it in like half an hour and wanted more… what can I say? It was good.

In summary: A great little mini mystery and filler to tide the fans over until the next main story.

Until next tme,



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