Product Review – LG NeoChef 39L Smart Inverter Convection Oven. (4 of 4 reviews)


4 out of 5 stars

I would like to thank Mouths of Mums for giving me the opportunity to review this device. I was sent a free LG NeoChef 39L Smart Inverter Convection Oven in exchange for at least four reviews. This will be my fourth and final review – published to both my own blog, as well as to the Mouths of Mums site.

Please note that my rating for this product may change in each review as I get to know the device more, learn the tips and tricks and so on. My final rating is 4 out of 5.

Again I find myself having to apologise for the delay in this review. I had wanted to try out a few more things to really put the NeoChef through its paces, but just didn’t really get around to it due to so many other commitments as the summer school holidays started to wrap up here. I really learnt an important thing – never again will I offer to review major appliances over school holidays! 😀

Okay, onto the actual review. Well, I am still absolutely loving the LG Neochef and all the things it can do… well, except for its griller function. Of that, I really am not a fan… even when you preheat it first. The griller in my oven is faster and therefore the more favoured device to use when making grilled cheese sandwiches.

But what the Neochef is good at is…

  • Defrosting
  • Reheating
  • Baking
  • Sensor cooking
  • Steaming
  • Airfrying
  • Proving

These are all things I have done with mine and am simply amazed at how good it is and how easy it has made my life!

Let’s go through them all…

Defrosting – I took 2 kilos of frozen chicken legs, followed the defrosting settings, allowed the “sitting” time afterwards and had a load of perfectly, evenly defrosted chicken legs I could then marinate and cook for dinner. Sadly I couldn’t fit them all in (there were almost two dozen) into the NeoChef so roasted them “old style” in my oven.

Reheating – The whole family is amazed at the reheating capability the LG Neochef has. It takes far less time and heats so evenly you really don’t need to take it out, move the food around and reheat yet again. And reheated chips come out crispy – not soggy! Score!

Baking – Okay, we readily admit that all we’ve really tried here has been the odd mug cake or minute pudding. But, again, it does it evenly, faster than the regular oven and, most importantly at this time of the year, without heating the whole house up. Another win!

Sensor Cooking – Three words for you: Perfect baked potatoes. I have become addicted to them since discovering how easy they are to make in the LG NeoChef. We’re having some for dinner tonight topped with a chorizo and beef chilli bolognaise creation of ours. Yum yum.

Steaming – steams veggies to perfection and makes the most amazing scrambled eggs. Really not much more I can say to that, except that I need to make some Chinese buns and steam them to see how it goes!

Airfrying – My kids loved the potato gems I’ve airfried in The Beast. I keep meaning to try homemade veggie wedges and will one day soon. Actually, what I feel would be perfect is make baked potatoes, quarter them lengthways, scoop out a lot of the middle to use in a cake or something and then airfry the rest…. Mmmmm, homemade potato skins with savoury yeast and sumac… MUST try that!

Proving – from yeast dough (spelt or wheat) to dairy free yoghurt. It can do it! I still prefer my slow cooker for the yoghurt side of things but am just SO in love with the yeast dough proving the LG NeChef does that I can see our bread costs going down as I make more at home. So easy to get the perfect rise now!

Okay, so that is all I’ve done… I have a pork loin in the fridge to be roasted in The Best tomorrow night and so if you follow me on Instagram, look out for the pics! Also look out for tonight’s baked potatoes. 😉

Would I recommend this product to others?

Yes I would. Ten times over I would. Especially those with a tiny kitchen and a dodgy normal oven. The LG Neochef is an oven, a microwave, a steamer and them some… it is just so useful I can’t recommend it high enough. I just don’t like how it grills. But hey!

Would I buy this product for myself?

Yes I would. I can’t see myself going back to a standard microwave oven after this. Yes it costs a LOT more than a standard microwave, but it also does a whole heck of a lot more so you can’t really complain!

In summary: The LG NeoChef Smart Inverter Convection Oven is indeed one of the best kitchen helpers I’ve come across in a long time. Easy to use, so many functions, so many possibilities to make your own food from scratch! Highly recommend.

Until next time,



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