Feel Good Friday – Scrumpy Soap Co.

Hello again, this week’s Feel Good Friday is sending a shout out to Scrumpy Soap Co.

The Review


4 out of 5 stars

They are another fantastic little Australian business I’ve used for a couple of years now. I had arranged to have an interview with them some time ago, but Christmas made us both busy, they then changed ownership and – despite the excellent products and customer service continuing – the new owners never responded to my request to interview.

Though I really do want to emphasise that they have been incredibly busy setting themselves up, running their wonderful business and making excellent soaps so there are no hard feelings. These things happen. If Scrumpy Soap do ever feel like having that interview though, more than happy to resend the questions. 😉

Why do I want to give this company a shout out so much? Well, I simply love their soaps. Locally made, organic products used where they can and, major factor for me – Palm Oil Free.

Seriously, if you want to learn more, head on over to their site.

With some places, when a change of ownership takes place, you find the quality of the product or the customer service drops… Not in the case here! Products still as good as ever and customer service is AMAZING! They really seem switched on to sharing the love, making the buyer happy and slipping in a few little extras to bring surprises in your deliveries. Loved it.

Some of those little touches that make their service so memorable were things like packets of soap flakes, which may sound dull… but were amazing – and I didn’t take a photo! Noooo!

They were basically just the scrag ends of soap that are shaved off when making the final product and, instead of just binning them, they offered them as free gifts as a laundry soap – like soap flakes you buy for that purpose.

Well, mine never made it to the laundry as my kids loved them in their “spa” baths. Take a normal, tiny, boring bath tub and add warm water, Epsom salts, some of their favourite essential oils and then Scrumpy rainbow flakes  – their name for them. A treat time created and loved by my kids made from simple scrag ends sent as a bonus gift. Loved it!

Bonus gifts with my last order – two bags of soap flakes, free samples, a pen and a bookmark. Feeling the love Scrumpy Soap Co!

Another thing I love about their soaps it the gorgeous smell. Nothing synthetic, nothing overpowering – just nice. We buy in bulk and keep them in our clothes drawers and similar until needed and so they help make the whole house smell wonderful, even when not wet and in use.

And when you wash with them, the scent is not overpowering and also doesn’t stick to you strongly – like those who seem to need to bath themselves in perfume to create a three metre diameter wall of smell wherever they go. Nope, delicate, enjoyable smells, get rid of your stinky, sweaty smells and gets rid of all the dirt, grim and oil without drying out your skin too – bonus! 🙂

Would I recommend this business to others?

Yes I would. Seriously, check out their range, check out the ingredients used in the soaps and just go for it. They have an amazing range – lavenders and other soothing scents for night, ginger spice or lemon and lime verbena to wake you up in the morning. Spearmint and comfrey for the girls, donnybrook hops for the boys and a fabulous honey, eucalyptus and tee tree oil for the all-day hand washing. Just to name a few. Seriously, go take a look, try some – I AM recommending them. Right now! Hint hint! 😉

Would I buy from this business myself?

I already do and plan on doing so again real soon as we need some more hand soap – honey, eucalyptus and tee tree. That, and the kids are nagging me for more flakes. 😉

I’ve reviewed books on soap making and so know that a lot of skill, patience, talent and creativity goes into such an amazing artisan product. So I really feel blessed to be able to buy such amazing products, at such affordable prices as homemade soap is not something I could even turn my hand to. Thankfully, with Scrumpy, I don’t have to!

In summary: these guys make terrific soaps, are obviously passionate about the business and have excellent customer service – I highly recommend them!

Until next time,



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