Book Review – Pickett House by Linda S. Browning.


3 out of 5 stars

I would like to thank Reading Deals for allowing me a free ARC of this book in exchange for an open and honest review.

Okay, where to start? I am a huge fan of Linda S. Browning’s ‘Dare Devil’ cosy crime book and have been following her on social media since so when she posted how I could read and review ‘Pickett House’ I was on it right away.

Was I disappointed because it was a different style of book? Heck no! The writing was just as good and the tale just as engrossing and enjoyable.

In some ways ‘Pickett House’ had a feel of literary fiction mixed in with suspense and supernatural mystery. As the Dole family had brought along their own ghosts to lay to rest, as well as deal with Pickett House, before they could move on with their new life.

I will say, and this is meant as constructive criticism only – not me being mean – that I did find the book rushed and sketchy in places. As if I was reading just the notes/ backbone of the story and that the author would be coming along later to flesh out the story more and make it complete. I still thoroughly enjoyed ‘Pickett House’ but do feel a need to make this comment.

And, on a side note, I want to make a quick comment on Reading Deals. This was the first, and probably last, time I used them to review a book. Being the busy mum reviewer that I am being given 2 weeks as of… NOW… to read a book, followed by constant “friendly reminders” that I had agreed to this so better not back out, was rather frustrating. It meant I had to stop reading other books I’d already scheduled and may have even raced through this book myself a little just to ensure I got it done on time. We won’t mention the convoluted manner in which they then ask you to leave a review. This isn’t the sort of reviewing platform I enjoy and won’t be adding its undue stress to my workload again. Even for some of my favourite authors. Just a head’s up to anyone else thinking of reviewing via Reading Deals – ensure you have the time right there and then to read and review, or just avoid them. Too much fuss and bother, even for a good book like ‘Pickett House’.

Would I recommend this book to others?

Yes I would. I enjoyed it – despite the pressure to read it so soon and so quickly – and can honestly say that I am still a fan of Linda S. Browning and her varied works. Though I will admit, if asked, that I would mention my feeling of sketchiness within the tale… but would probably only make this comment after the other person had read it so as to not tarnish their opinion and, well, to see if it was just me talking hooey.

Would I buy this book for myself?

I could see it fitting nicely in amongst my e-shelfs and is a book I could see myself reading now and again as it just has that kind of feel to it. If that makes sense? As in, want a good book to entertain and while away the hours that will make you feel good at the end? ‘Pickett Fence’ will definitely fit the criteria.

In summary: a little sketchy and rushed in areas, but overall a good book and one you could enjoy again and again.

Until next time,



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