Product Review -Riddells Creek organic flouride free toothpaste.


3 out of 5 stars.

I bought this item with my own money from Biome Eco Store.

I am in no way affiliated with Biome Eco Store – other than being a frequent online customer – and if you would like to learn more about them, please click here.


I am not being paid to make this review, nor am I deliberately singling this product or company out. I’m just trying to give an open and honest review on items I use in my household.

Please note:  This review is based solely on Riddells Creek organic fluoride free toothpaste. This is not a review of Riddells Creek, Biome Eco Store, or any other products, services or business they may offer.

My Review:

I have to say I found this toothpaste rather interesting. Firstly, and probably because of its organic and natural ingredients, it does like to separate a little and so I do recommend giving it a good shake before opening it. And then stand back as that can build up a touch of pressure and that paste is just going to pop out! 😉

The directions on the tube don’t say to shake… but they don’t say not to either. It might be a personal choice.

One of the only quibbles I do have about this toothpaste though is I wish had read the ingredients list on the Biome Eco Store website better as I (somehow) didn’t see it contained stevia. And mine is a family that isn’t a fan of stevia as half of us get a headache from using it and the other half are that rare breed that don’t taste the sweet it replicates, but taste the bitter it is. So, yeah, I got stuck with the toothpaste as no one else in the family will touch it.

I totally get why Stevia was used and applaud its use over sugars… but, yeah, we will think twice before considering this toothpaste again because of it.

However, saying that, besides the Stevia headache, I kind of like it. Brushing my teeth with this paste makes my mouth feel amazing, clean and fresh and without that tacky synthetic taste that hangs around for hours like other tooth paste brands we have tried – even the “natural” ones. So I guess it does the job I bought it for and so can’t really complain!

I also like that it is certified organic in Australia, made in Australia and is sulphate free, fluoride free, mineral oil free, not tested on animals, vegan friendly and basically all the things I am looking in body and health products. So love it for ticking all those boxes!

Would I recommend this product to others?

Yes I would. Unless they have our stevia issues. 😉 But in all seriousness, this is a pretty amazing toothpaste as it is “nasties free”, organic, Australian, not tested on animals and all that… But on top of it all – it cleans your teeth really well and leaves them feeling minty fresh without that cloying synthetic aftertaste so many toothpaste leave in your mouth for hours. This toothpaste just leaves a clean and fresh feeling mouth, that’s it. Fabulous!

Would I buy this product for myself?

I really don’t know, but only because of our stevia issues. There is nothing wrong with the product; it just clashes with myself and my family. I will have to see how I go before looking to buy it again. I mean, I don’t react as strongly from the stevia in this toothpaste as I do to stevia in other products… and it does make my mouth feel amazing… so I will just have to see how I go when I finish of the tube I’ve already bought.

In summary: For people looking for a “nasty chemical” free toothpaste, one that is made in Australia, certified organic, not tested on animals, vegan friendly and all the rest – this is a toothpaste to try. I really do recommend it to the chemical laced mainstream alternatives out there.

Until next time,





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