Product Review – Hannah pad Certified Organic Washable Overnight Pad – Antique Indigo.

Just to warn my usual readers… this is what you think it is. But I am a reviewer of all things that interest me – hence the Eclectic name – so if you do not feel comfortable with reading this topic, I hope to bring you something more your style soon.❤


4 out of 5 stars.

I bought this item with my own money from Flora and Fauna upon suggestions made on the Natural New Age Mum’s Facebook group.

As a brief overview of the item, Hannah Pads are made in Korea and from organic, non-toxic materials. For more information, please go directly to their home page here.

I bought these from Flora and Fauna simply because I discovered this online shop on Facebook, loved the vibe of it and wanted to give them a go. To learn more about Flora and Fauna, click here.


I am not being paid to make this review, nor am I deliberately singling this product or company out. I’m just trying to give an open and honest review on items I use in my household.

Please note:  This review is based solely on Hannah pad Certified Organic Washable Overnight Pad – Antique Indigo. This is not a review of Hannah Pad, nor Flora and Fauna themselves, or any other products, services or business they may offer.

My Review:

Now I know not everyone is going to want to read this review and I may even lose some followers for daring to share such a taboo subject. But I’m not only a Reviewer, but someone who is interested in creating a zero waste household through all items we use. And so, a re-usable cloth pad for my time of the month (TOM) seemed the logical option.

Out of the two Hannah Pads I recently purchased, this one is my favourite. It was a great fit for me (being a big bottomed lady) and felt comfortable in it, though only wore it during the day.

The only reason I find I can’t give it the full 5 out of 5 stars is that, despite following the care instructions, the background colour of the patterned side has faded a little and is no longer indigo, but more a washed out blue/ grey. So I am a little disappointed, but that is only in the aesthetics and not its function. If I find the colouring of the pattern fades further with continued washes – despite me following the instructions – I feel my disappointment will grow and my score of this item may drop. As I feel the colours shouldn’t fade with use as quickly as they have done. But maybe I am just being a little picky?

But other than that, I simple loved this pad. Out of the four I recently bought myself I have to say it is one of my favourites due to its size and feel.

It was easy to use, easy to wash and dry and just felt amazing to wear. I felt totally protected at all times – sitting, standing, walking, lying down – and was trying it on at the heaviest part of my TOM.

I simply unfolded it, popped it in like I would a disposable, and when done, I rinsed it out and then threw it in the wash with my normal clothes. All while following the care instructions of course! I also use an eco-friendly laundry soap and it’s not faded my other clothing… which is why I was a little disappointed in the colour fade with this pad.

And now for those freaking out over having to touch and rinse and wash such items… if it really is freaking you out, why are you reading? Sorry to be blunt, but this is what it is – a cloth pad you use during your period, wash out, dry and use again! If you can’t handle that… go look at pictures of kittens being cute and pretend the world is perfect and your contributions to landfill aren’t important, okay? 😉

As someone who used cloth nappies on her kids, and still deals with one child with incontinent issues, cloth pads aren’t gross to me. They are perfectly natural, the logical approach and felt so much nicer than any disposable pad I’ve ever used. Even the organic cotton ones.

I felt (and was) protected, even at my heaviest and feel that, as long as you follow the instructions given for this pad, you too shouldn’t have any issues. It fits, it’s comfortable, easy to use and clean and has pretty flowers on it for when you’re folding it up into discreet little squares and popping it in your drawer between uses. What more could you ask for?

Though I will say here I did only use this pad at home and didn’t go out and about in it. Though, to be honest, I feel I would be just as protected and safe out in public and wouldn’t be living in fear of leakage.

Hannah pads also come with a little resealable plastic bag, so that if you do use them when out and need to change, they can be sealed up until you get home to wash them. So much like using a cloth baby’s nappy it is ridiculous as to how easy they are!

I also love that, besides the resealable plastic bag, they come in plastic free packaging! Fully recyclable, so that even before you use them you aren’t adding more to landfill. Showing these are a well thought out product made to not just help you feel better during your TOM, but help the planet out by adding less plastic packaging to our homes.

As for the price? You might think is a huge amount for one single item… but this single item can be used again and again. And, just like cloth nappies, does become more cost efficient in the long run. Yes the initial outlay will seem a lot, especially as we all know you’re going to need more than one per cycle, but if you buy one or two each month, like I have done, you will soon find they are all you need; all you use and you’re actually starting to save money. They don’t need a special wash cycle all of their own – just go through with your normal delicates – and, if looked after, should last you years.

Would I recommend this product to others?

Despite my concern about the colour fade to the pattern, yes I would. Simply because it was such a comfortable, stress free and easy to use product. I felt safe; I was protected and feel others would find it a good option to go with for their needs – overnight or otherwise.

Would I buy this product for myself?

I did, don’t really regret it (despite the colour fade) and can easily see myself buying more of the Hannah Pad overnights in my future. I might just choose a different pattern to see if it lasts better and doesn’t fade. As I have said, I loved the feel, the protection, the ease of use and the knowledge I wasn’t contributing as much to landfill by using it.

In summary: A great, eco-friendly alternative to a disposable pad and one I recommend others also seeking a greener, more zero waste approach to living should go check out today.

Until next time,



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