Book Review -Ten Spices: for Health and Longevity by Valerie Lull.

3 out of 5 stars.

I would like to thank the author Valerie Lull for approaching me to review this book. I was provided a free copy in exchange for an open and honest review.

This was an interesting little eBook. I would actually call it more an eBooklet… if there is such a thing? I held some very good information and covered the basics of these ten spices very well.

Though I do question the comments on ginger not being good while pregnant as I – and many women I know – have found it a TREMENDOUS help towards morning sickness and my Doctor was the one who suggested it. Maybe ginger isn’t deemed as safe in the USA as it is here in Australia? Not too sure.

But, all in all, a very helpful little booklet for those starting out on learning about spices and seeking ten of the best to assist with better health.

I do have some very minor constructive criticism to share – as I do with all my open and honest reviews. This is not a slur against the author or her skills, merely me trying to offer hopefully helpful feedback. Being an author myself, I may not always agree with it, but constructive criticism can make us better writers.

Okay, so those who have read other reviews of mine will know I am a bit of a diva when it comes to the layout and formatting of books. It comes from my years of technical document writing. And, sadly, the formatting of this little booklet was not the best. I found the font size too large and chunky, found the layout a little sloppy with how a new segment’s title would be at the bottom of one page and the rest of the segment begin on the next page and so on. This is seriously minor stuff and a quick layout edit could fix this up in less than a day. And me, being SUPER picky, also didn’t like how dates were written long hand and short. Meaning sometimes it was written as sixteenth century and sometimes as 16th century. Choose a format and stick to it. Same goes for Vitamin A, C, and etc. vs vitamin A, C, etc. Ensure the formatting is consistent as it gives a more professional look.

The tone of the book kept changing too. Sometimes it was passive with the spices “may”, “have been known to”, etc. While at other times it was positive with what the spices can cure, deter and assist with. Again, consistency in this area would help improve it. It’s not bad the way it is, but it can be even better with some further proofing and editing.

I would have also liked pictures of the spices in question as well as maybe some pictures of the remedies and recipes. That I do feel this is me asking a lot. The booklet is what it is and it is good… but a quick tidy up of the formatting could make it even better.

Would I recommend this book to others?

UPDATE —  No I would not recommend this review as it appears the author has taken a dislike to my reviews published on both Amazon and Goodreads and tried to have them blocked as inappropriate or offensive. The review I have published on both sites is the same one you see here. And so, to have them blocked as they don’t show the book in a perfect, full of praise light, I would not recommend it. The actions are unprofessional and rather disappointing.

Would I buy this book for myself?

Probably not. And that is simply because I have a lot of books that cover this information – and more – already. I do not feel I am the right audience for this book as I am more an advanced spice student than a novice. The fault is with the reader and not the book as to why I wouldn’t buy it!

In Summary: An interesting and informative little booklet that gives a sound introduction to ten top spices beneficial for health. I have to say they would be my top ten spices too! A little more work on the proofing, layout and format could make this booklet into quite an exceptional little reference book.

Until next time,



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