Book Review – Mudras for Modern Life: Boost your health, enhance your yoga and deepen your meditation by Swami Saradananda.

Mudras for modern life

4 out of 5 stars.

I would like to thank Watkins for providing me with and ARC of this book in exchange for an open and honest review.

An uplifting book. I’d never really heard of Mudras before, except for a few positions I was taught with basic yoga poses. But what has amazed me is how many Mudras poses I actually already use – by instinct – for the reasons shown in this book. As in calming, focussing my mind, etc.

I know some people will think I am into all sorts of weird and hippy fru fruisms, but Mudras is NOT one of them! There is far too much evidence out there showing these positions benefit people as they say they do. I tried some out in between reading and I was amazed at home something that seemed so simple could do such amazing things to how I felt.

To the technical side of things: the formatting of ‘Mudras for Modern Life’ is clear, precise and filled with many helpful images and corresponding text that uses simple – but not condescending – instructions to help you find the right pose to aide you. I loved the colourful pictures that broke the book into the different elements too.

The ‘Daily Routines of well-being’ and glossary at the end of the book were also exceedingly helpful and allow the reader to quickly refer to areas of importance to them without having to flip through the whole book.

Would I recommend this book to others? Yes I would, though I am afraid they would need to have an open mind and be ready to try something that isn’t “main stream”. Thankfully most people I know are lovely and open minded about such things and so would benefit from this book. I feel they may find doing the Mudras shown an easier option than full yoga poses, and still get the same sorts of benefits from them.

Would I buy this book for myself? I would. In fact, it will probably be on my Amazon wish list by the time you read this review. I found it an energising, stimulating and educational book. As said, I was amazed at exactly how many poses I already do instinctively to gain the benefits they give. I really clicked with ‘Mudras for Modern Life’ and love it a lot.

In summary: If you’re looking at more natural alternatives to help with stress, concentration, sleep and a myriad of other issues – this book is for you. Don’t ignore it because it’s not “main stream” as it is an ancient and proven remedy to many different problems. Try it, really open you mind and try it – you will thank me later. 😉

Until next time,

Janis. XXOO


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