Book Review – The Heartless City by Andrea Berthot.

The Heartless City

4 out of 5 stars.

I would like to thank Curiosity Quills for supplying me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an open and honest review.

An amazing, fast paced and enjoyable New Adult Urban Fantasy thriller.

Yes, with a one liner like that I’m sure you can guess I really liked this book. Yet another brilliant piece from Curiosity Quills. From the moment I saw the cover, read the blurb and got the book I knew I was in for something new, addictive and thrilling. I think I finished this story in maybe three days as it had my ‘one more chapter’ mantra going.

Although set in the Victorian and Edwardian era of England, please realise this is an urban fantasy/ historical fiction tale. So, yes, there were sections and wording used that weren’t exactly historically accurate… but it didn’t detract from the story and I doubt many people would even notice them. When you write fiction you’re allowed a little artistic license.

This story took an old classic and added a new twist that brought it back to life and will hopefully encourage a new era of readers to look into some of the older stories. And despite basing itself on an older tale, it is new, original and unique with the twist it adds. No rehashing other people’s ideas here.

I found the setting well presented, the characters engaging and believable (in this world that is our past with a twist) and the plot well-paced and, as said, an addictive read – no pun intended. The only reason I’ve not given the full five stars is because I found the end a little too abrupt and “they all lived happily ever after”. I feel there could have been more of an extended wrap up, a little more on how London came back to life, what happened to the people, the world’s reaction… I don’t know, maybe I’m asking for too much and am just being greedy. The end isn’t bad… just a little too short for my liking.

Oh, and I do call it New Adult though, due to the young age of the characters. What they do is not out of character for the era the story is set in, I just feel a New Adult reader may relate to them better. I enjoyed it and could cope with the age of the characters, but I’m not too sure my hubby would enjoy it as much despite him showing an interest in this book. I read more YA/ NA than he does.

Would I recommend this story to others? Yes, absolutely. Anyone interested in the genre of New Adult Urban Fantasy, Historical Fantasy thriller, sci-fi/ fantasy will enjoy this work and it will indeed be one I suggest to anyone asking.

Would I buy this book for myself? Yes I would. Loved it. And if it happened to turn into a series (though I really don’t see how) I would even consider getting the next book. Gorgeous cover, great plot, terrific story.

In summary – If you’re a fan of ‘reality with a twist’ – no matter the era, a fan of urban fantasy and a good adventure you will enjoy this book. Buy, enjoy and thank me later. I highly recommend it.

Until next time,

Janis. XXOO


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