Book Review – Knitting Fabric Rugs: 28 Colorful Designs for Crafters of Every Level by Karen Tiede.

Knitting Fabric Rugs

5 out of 5 stars.

I would like to thank Storey Publishing for allowing me to read an ARC via Netgalley.

Can I start by saying I would really love a copy of this book when it finally comes out and do hope to find myself a copy here in Australia as it’s such a fantastic book.

The original reason I wanted to read it was because I’m looking for creative ways to use up a lot of the rag clothing I have piling up in my house that I feel too guilty to bin and know it’s not good enough for a thrift shop. I was going to try rag rugs… until I saw this book. It has blown me away with the talent and creativity throughout. As I’ve been describing it to my family (as I rave about it to them) it’s not just a knitting book, not a mere craft book – this is an amazing look into a very talented artists world and how she’s found a wonderful way to turn rags into works of art… that also happen to be rugs or wall hangings!

I’m a novice knitter in a family of very crafty folks and have been wanting to get back into knitting for some time. But I’ve had no need as other members of my family keep churning out knitted or crocheted items for myself and my children I’ve had nothing to do. Thanks to this book, now I have. It not only teaches you how to knit a rag rug… but opens your eyes to the importance of colours and shading. It gives you some great in depth details about the right clothing to use, how to prepare it, how to store it and how to plan out your work to make it easier to create and finish.

From my notes as I read it, here is the more knitty gritty ( 😉 ) details of my review:

Some knitting knowledge required to understand some of the things she’s talking about. I’m a novice but from a family of knitters and so understood some of it… but not all. I almost felt like I needed to google to keep up and understand what she was saying when some of the patterns like intarsia where repeatedly mentioned. Though will add that the pattern instructions are easy for someone of my basic level to understand and follow, though I do admit there are some places I’d need a more experienced knitter to watch and ensure I was doing it right.

It might be one of those Nation language barriers, but I had a hard time with the fact ‘knit’ was used when ‘knitted’ was the correct term. But I do know American English and Australian English aren’t identical and so ‘knit’ is acceptable in the country of publication.

I didn’t particularly like the double column layout where I’d read down one side, end mid-sentence and then have to scroll back to the top to continue. Not a big thing and probably more an issue reading it on a computer than it would be in a real book.

The reasoning why the patterns and rugs are the way they are, the personal history of the author, the description of best theories put into practice, etc – very interesting. Helps give depth and meaning to the projects and helps you connect with the author and passion for creating such art yourself.

Found “The raw materials” especially “synthetics to avoid” sections very useful. I’m wanting to use up the mountain of old material and rag clothes in my house. The information provided here will save me a lot of time and errors.

I found the instructions on how to cut the material into yarn a little confusing. Not too sure if this is because I’m more of a visual person and if I saw someone actually do it and then read it, it would make more sense… or if it was just a little too complicated for my novice level.

All in all though I love this book, want to own this book and really do hope to find myself a copy in the future so I can sit down with my knitting family and friends and share the beauty, talent and inspiration this book is filled with. I can’t wait to try some of the designs and hope to one day be good enough to do a nautilus!

**Reviewers Note**

I originally read and reviewed this book some months ago but had to wait until this week for it to be published. I haven’t stopped thinking about this book, have advised my husband it will be part of the stash of books I’m getting for Christmas and have already been going through my rag collection and making plans for when I get my copy. I couldn’t recommend this book more! 🙂

Until next time,

Janis. XXOO


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