Book Review – Sweet Mystery (Book 3 in Under the Moonlight) by MaryAnn Kempher.

Sweet Mystery

3 out of 5 stars.

I obtained an ARC of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an open and honest review.

This is a good cosy crime book, the third in a series called ‘Under the Moonlight’. Unfortunately I’ve not yet read the first two books, but as the author says at the beginning, you don’t necessarily have to… but they will beef out some of the characters more. I found it fine to read as a stand-alone book, but can see myself tempted to read the other books in the series just to “catch up” so to speak.

I actually have mixed opinions of this book. I mean, I liked it and enjoyed reading it… but did figure out “whodunit” almost straight away. So wasn’t challenged enough by it. I also didn’t enjoy the padding out of bringing other characters in half way through to add minor red herrings and the like. However, I may have enjoyed it more had I read the first two books and grown accustomed to it as the done thing in the series. Though padding out a storyline in this way never entertains me. So these flaws might just be in me, the reader, more than the book.

As it was also an ARC I read, I am willing to ignore the typos, spelling mistakes and poor editing. ARC can come before the final edit where all these are smoothed out so I’m hoping the end result was better. I haven’t given a lower rating due to this, it’s a part of life and reading ARC.

All in all it was an entertaining book, but a little slow for me and a little too obvious. I see a lot of potential in ‘Sweet Mystery’ if gone over with a fine toothed editing comb to help cut some of the dead wood, fix the very minor mistakes and neaten it up. Maybe paint those herrings a little redder to confuse the likes of me? 😉

Would I read the rest of this series? Actually I would. I like Ms Kempher’s writing style and would happily pick up another from the ‘Under the Moonlight’ series or other works she may publish.

Would I recommend this book/ series to others? I would… but I might warn them in advance of the minor issues I had with it.

Although I can’t give a glowing review to this book, it was enjoyable. A nice, light and easy read and a good cosy crime. And I do love a good cosy crime.

Until next time,

Janis. XXOO


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