Fairtrade Friday Review – Nutra Organics Choc Berry Chunk.

Welcome to this week’s Fairtrade Friday!

I won’t go over why I’m holding Fairtrade Fridays or what Fairtrade (and Fair Trade) is all about, as I’ve pretty much covered that over the past few Fridays. Instead I’m going to jump right on in to today’s product.

And here is a bit of a disclaimer for you all:

I bought this product with my own money, I am not being paid to make this review, nor will I be reimbursed for my work. I’m just trying to give an open and honest review on Fairtrade items I buy to help raise awareness as to how easy it is to do.

And so here we go! Today’s Fairtrade Friday shout out goes to…

Nutra Organics Choc Berry Chunk.

choc berry chunk

So, you know how there are certain chocolate drinks that are meant to be really good for your kids as they’re supposedly full of loads of vitamins and minerals? But are in fact mostly sugar and made by a company that possibly wouldn’t know what Fairtrade was if it up and bit them…

Nutra Organics Choc Berry Chunk isn’t one of those! Which is why I let my kids have it as part of their breakfast.

Basically, before I knew any better, my kids were allowed other chocolate powdered items to mix with milk and drink as a ‘healthy treat’. When I learnt more about how much sugar was actually in it, and how little else there was – and add to that the dealings this company has had with people in developing countries… well, they were cut from our list of pantry welcome items.

Sadly, my kids still craved it despite knowing the reasons I stopped buying it and so have been asking me to make or find a substitute. I tried making some from scratch – didn’t pass their taste tests. Then tried Nutra Organics Choc Chunk and, well two out of my three kids like it. As that is the usual response from my ‘Hordes’, I take it as a success. Seriously, you will never get all three to agree on something at this stage of their lives… it’s just not going to happen.

Nutra Organic do make a lot of different products, some of which we also use, but today I’m just going to talk about their Choc Berry Chunk. And I give it…

4 out of 5 stars

Not only is there less than a gram of sugar per serving size (6 grams), but it is a sugar made from unrefined and organic or wild harvest products such as coconut sugar and dried berries.

It also contains 10% of their recommended daily intake of calcium, has a list of wild harvested or organic nutrient dense superfoods (AKA things like blueberries) and – best of all – taste great in both dairy milk and dairy free milks such as nut milk, coconut milk or even in warm water as a hot chocolate.

Although we’ve not tried it in other ways yet, I’m told it is as versatile as other chocolate powdered products and goes great sprinkled on ice cream, or used in baking or raw making things like bliss balls.

It’s school friendly as is nut free, as well as being ‘allergy friendly’ to the most common problems as it is also wheat free, gluten free, additive free and dairy free. Add to that it’s suitable for vegans, GMO free, Australian certified organic, Australian owned and made and… Certified Fairtrade! 🙂

The reason I personally like it as I really can see it making a difference to my kid’s diet. They eat mostly healthy and wholefoods I’ve made myself… but they are sometimes fussy and so miss out on much needed nutrients. After a week of my kids having two teaspoons in a glass of milk each day, their health improved. They went from run down, lethargic and one with ulcers in her mouth to happy, bouncing about, bright eyes and ulcer free. It’s the only thing I changed in their diet and so do credit it with their positive changes.

One downside to this product is it comes in a plastic container. I’m not a fan of plastic and would prefer it in glass… but it is a container 100% recyclable and so meets my zero waste standards.

Would I recommend this product to others? Yes I would. It’s not sickly sweet, full of sugar and made by a company who appears, to me, to be more interested in making money than providing our kids with a healthier option. Once a day, or as an occasional treat during the week, this is perfect. It not only tastes good, but adds some extra nutrients to my kid’s diet.

Would I buy this product again for myself? Yes I would. As said, Nutra Organics make several products and this is just one of the ones I would, and do, buy. They also make a Choc Chunk bar which is basically this powder in a bills ball like substance shaped as a small bar. This is an easier option for an afternoon tea snack and another good option.

In summary: Fairtrade, Organic, dairy, wheat, gluten and refined sugar free and a great product that is owned by Australians and made by Australians for our Aussie kids. I was doubtful this product would really live up to all the healthy hype, but it does, it really does. Highly recommend it.

Until next time,

Janis. XXOO


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